Little Forest Playschool


Our Philosophy

At Little Forest Playschool we believe children learn best through PLAYful interactions with both the natural and created environment and others, creating relationships with family, peers, teachers and the community, which will inspire them throughout their lives to be respectful and compassionate members of a global community! Here at LFP we value and embrace all children and their families!

“Play is the highest form of research.”

~ Albert Einstein

Our Mission

The mission of Little Forest Playschool is to provide opportunities, through play, for every child and their family to engage in a developmental age appropriate learning environment,

where they can discover:

  • that they can grow to be independent learners,
  • that they can be creative and divergent thinkers,
  • that they can and will be willing to ask questions, take risks and practice self-control.

“Our flexibility and willingness to follow a child’s lead will allow remarkable things to happen, if we let them.”

~ Bev Bos

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